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Rec List: Mycroft Holmes

Mycroft Holmes Fanfiction Recs (BBC’s Sherlock)

So, this list is extremely short at the moment, but I plan to add to it as I go along. I’m certain there’s other Mycroft fics I adore but didn’t think of when I made this since I just threw it together quickly.

Please be aware, I have put no warnings down and doubt I ever will since each author should have already put such information on the fic itself. Please be sure to check the fic’s tags & such so you don’t accidentally read something triggering. I also haven’t put down a bold Pairing tag since these are Mycroft recs.

All fics on this list are COMPLETE. (But the series might not be if it’s part of one.)

Last Updated: 6/25/14, 7 Recs

Both Sides Now by QED_221B
Words: 35,703
Summary: Mycroft and Sherlock didn't meet until Sherlock was 7, Mycroft lived with his abusive father. Sherlock doesn't learn of the abuse until years later.

This is one of my favorite Mycroft fics and definitely one of my favorite BBC Sherlock fics altogether. I’ve read this story at least four times that I can remember and whenever I get the urge to read a good Mycroft fic, especially a good Mycroft!feels fic, this story comes to mind. It’s just wonderful. It has the protective, big brother Mycroft that I adore, along with a Sherlock that (eventually) shows that he really cares in return. For extra enjoyment, the author has thrown in decade-old misconceptions, tear-jerker childhood flashbacks and still-silently-suffering older Mycroft. I love it to pieces.

Lend Your Brother a Hand by sator_square
Words: 1,609
Summary: Mycroft likes to make sure all of Sherlock's needs are fulfilled. John catches him fulfilling one of them.

Though I prefer long fics, something has to be said for brevity done well. And this fic is oh so “well.” It’s Shercroft (or Mylock, if you prefer) without any sort of incestuous overtones between the two. Well, except for the actual incest going on, that is. ;)

Sympathy for the Devil And Mycroft Holmes by scifigrl47
Words: 17,893
Summary: Mycroft has always protected his younger brother, but there are some things he just can't control. Sherlock's relationship with John Watson is one of them. That doesn't mean that he's not going to try, but in the end, sometimes Sherlock makes his own choices.

And John Watson might just be a match for Mycroft when it comes to protecting Sherlock.

This is a really great fic involving overprotective!Mycroft. Which I love, of course. ;) In addition, it has some nice hints of Mycroft!feels here and there, as well as some actual behind-the-scenes interaction between the Holmes brothers. It's always nice to see a fic in which little brother Sherlock goes to his big brother for help every once in a while.

The Love Song of M. Edwin Holmes by PC_Hopkins
Words: 17,021
Summary: In his line of work, Mycroft can't afford to have a mental illness - so, officially, he doesn't. After all, his habit of rearranging government records multiple times, his obsession with the number twelve, his need for sterile, neat order are nothing more than harmless quirks.

He should know by now that the world ends not with a sudden bang, but with a gradual whimper.

(Or, as one reader put it, the one where Mycroft has OCD.)

An interesting “What if” fic that explores the idea of Mycroft having OCD long before the show ever commented on his weird obsession with fixing Sherlock’s door knocker. I love that it has lots of Anthea, who is just a BAMF and very caring, even though they don’t get together romantically. Wonderful Mystrade at the end and bits of protective, big brother Mycroft in the background of the fic.

Undoing Fate by sator_square
Words: 30,115
Summary: Mycroft will do anything bring Sherlock back to life, even if that means rewriting history itself. However, preventing Jim from becoming his arch-enemy may prove to be more difficult than it seems.

I stumbled upon this fic while browsing through AO3 with a temporary craving for Moriarty/Mycroft, which honestly doesn’t interest me on a normal day. I’m also not usually into in time travel stories that involve the Sherlock fandom and I’m doubly disinterested in fics that have the main character go back in time and fall in love, so you can imagine that this story only barely managed to catch my attention with the idea of Mycroft being willing to change time itself just to save Sherlock. I do so love protective, big brother Mycroft.

To put it simply, this fic turned out to be perfection in written form. It has risen to “Favorite Mycroft fic” in my mind and the one I always think of when I think of the best.

The author very neatly side-steps the clichés that I love in other fandoms, but dislike in Sherlock. (My reading preferences are strange, I know.) Mycroft’s mission is to go back and save his brother and that’s just what he does. To top it off, the readers can enjoy some Mycroft+Mycroft interaction, though minor it may be, for an added cherry on top.

When I Look in the Mirror I See Double by etothepii (AKA Stochastical)
Words: 12,110
Summary: Mycroft and 'Anthea' are one mind in two bodies. Literally.

This is an extremely interesting fic, the likes of which I've never seen before. It's difficult to wrap your head around the concept of having two bodies just like you have two hands, which makes this fic extremely interesting just for that reason alone. Add in some Johncroft and I'm set. ;)

When first we practise to deceive by Anonymous
Words: 8,000+
Prompt: Lestrade thinks Mycroft is only occupying a minor position in the British government.

He knows him only as a kind, well-mannered, understanding man as opposite to his younger brother.
Mycroft tries his best to hide the fact that he's the British government.

Oh, how many different ways can I say “I love this?” ;) I love Powerful!Mycroft almost as much as I love Protective!Mycroft, and this fic is heavy on the first and overly hinting on the second, so it’s more than wonderful. Both Mycroft and Lestrade are wonderfully in-character, which makes it even more fascinating to see a Mycroft who’s completely out of his depth when it comes to dating. I highly recommend this if you’re looking for a good Mystrade fic.